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Born and Raised in Brooklyn, New York Jise was influenced by music at a early age. Carrying on the tradition going by Jise One (The name his Brother went by, before he passed), Jise choose Hip Hop as his means of expressing his visions and points of view. After having moved to Bushwish Brooklyn, where he joined the legendary independent hip hop group The Arsonists), he really began to polish his skills as a emcee. Having toured with the likes of Public Enemy, The Roots, The Beatnuts. Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machines was quoted on rolling stone magazine as saying “The Arsonists are seeing Hip Hop again as a vehicle in which to engage in things that are substantial in peoples lives”. Jise joined up with CJM 2007 and began recording solo material. He has released Lt Word Chronicles, Chronicles 2, and Passion of. He currently is working on a group project Defiant III with Alucard and IDE, as well as new solo material.





New Release

The Passion Of Jise is the greatest release from Brooklyn native Jise, there is no denying this fact. Born Geraldo Barreto, the NYC artist has crafted a conceptual semi-biographical album that delves into what growing up in Brooklyn was truly like.

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