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U.G. Cella Dwellas Decept chain


U.G. of the legendary Hip Hop duo Cella Dwellas has remained one of few emcees to remain relevant through the turning of the millennium. The Flatbush group Cella Dwellas made up of U.G. and Phantasm. Known for their dark, gritty production orchestrated by Nick Wiz, U.G. and Phantasm made their debut to the scene in 1994 on Loud Records. Their lead single “Land of The Lost” remains a classic record for Hip Hop enthusiasts and paved the sound for many who came after. The Dwellas were featured on the Masta Ace Incorporated album, Sittin’ On Chrome. They continued releasing singles that charted on Billboard and returned in 2000 with a follow-up project on Loud Records, The Last Shall be First, which featured Large Professor, Ayatollah, Inspectah Deck (Wu-Tang Clan), Rockwilder, Smif-N-Wessun, and Organized Konfusion.

Having emerged from the era of Lyricist Lounge where only the most lyrically-skilled emcees stood out, U.G. was known for his unique style from day one; crazy hair, gruff voice, charismatic delivery, and mystical lyrics like that of which were never heard before. Having toured with Hip Hop heavy weights like Mobb Deep, and Wu-Tang Clan, its no wonder his performances are on another level.

In 2007, U.G. joined Creative Juices Music and began recording new material. This led to the recent album Portals which IDE and U.G. spent the better part of a decade to perfect. After years of work and several unforeseen delays, U.G. once again took the underground by storm. Portals quickly gained attention and notoriety by fans as 2016’s best Hip Hop album. U.G. continues recording and plans of touring.





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Beyond the concept, the rapper and producer just love Hip-Hop culture and wanted to represent it right. They may be taking a Boom bap excursion into another dimension—and likely one in a distant galaxy—on Portals, but this is pure, raw, unadulterated Hip-Hop to the bone gristle.

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