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IDE & Lucky Loopiano - Breathe Easy Unreleased EP


A project of underground folklore finally after many years surfaces through the ground. This is a collection of remastered tracks recorded 2005-2008 or so…. from Jakprogresso, IDE, and Alucard. The album features Savage Messiah (RIP), and Life Long. Production by Kryptonite, IDE, Jak Progresso, and 2 Hungry Brothers. All tracks recorded by IDE at the Racoon Lodge Brooklyn. Cover Illustration by Alucard aka Carlos De Leon

IDE & Lucky Loopiano - Breathe Easy Unreleased EP


After 5 years IDE & Lucky Loopiano are back with 7 unreleased tracks recorded at the time of Breathe Easy. All produced by Lucky Loopiano, Mixed by Raj, and Mastered by IDE. Artwork by Alucard

Defiant III - Abstract Bullets For Poetic Pistols Instrumentals


Instrumentals produced, mixed and mastered by IDE. Over the last decade Alucard Jise and IDE have been in the studio working on their own music as well as collaborating together. It was only a matter of time that features spawned into the idea to do a group project. Having worked on a track for Jises “Chronicles 2” titled Defiant III, the trio decided the name was a perfect fit. After some initial recordings, the group decided they would keep the project entirely in house; from recording, to mixing, mastering and artwork. Tracks were not sent over email. This is a album that all members were in the studio together feeding off each others energy.

Defiant III - Abstract Bullets For Poetic Pistols


Over the last decade Alucard Jise and IDE have been in the studio working on their own music as well as collaborating together. It was only a matter of time that features spawned into the idea to do a group project. Having worked on a track for Jises “Chronicles 2” titled Defiant III, the trio decided the name was a perfect fit. After some initial recordings, the group decided they would keep the project entirely in house; from recording, to mixing, mastering and artwork. Tracks were not sent over email. This is a album that all members were in the studio together feeding off each others energy.

Nems - Prezidents Day [Collectors Edition]


2010 Nems debut album “Prezidents Day” was released on Creative Juices Music. Nems was making a name for himself as a battle emcee and personality. The album quickly sold out, and was held in high regards by fans worldwide. 7 years later we are celebrating the success of the album with a re-release. This limited edition double CD/vinyl features the 16 album tracks, 11 bonus songs, 5 unreleased tracks yet to be heard. The unreleased material was all recorded for Prezidents Day back when the album was being worked on. This is the Coney Island Mayor: Gorilla Nems at his best.

Portals B Sides & Remixes


After completing Portals, IDE & U.G. continued to work on tracks. B Sides & Remixes is a collection of some non album tracks recorded right after the release of Portals. As well as some revamped previously released material. The cd also features remixes from Nick Wiz, DJ White Shadow of Norway, U.G.,  DJ Concept. Features include: D.V. Alias Khryst, Celph Titled,  Steele (Smif N Wessun) Casual (Hieroglyphics), IDE. Art direction by Mutations Artwork. Released December 20th 2016.

U,G. & IDE - Portals Instrumentals


Portals Instrumentals was initially released as a bonus cd for the first 200 orders in 2016. Shortly after, the cd was made available on its own, as well as digitally. All instrumental versions of tracks from Portals are included. The cd also includes 4 bonus tracks with features from: IDE, ILL BiLL, and Celph Titled. Art direction for the cover by Mutations Artwork. Released November 22nd 2016.

U.G. - Portals


“I like to tap into people’s imaginations. When I spit, I try to make movies with my words…” Armed with his unique delivery, gruff voice, and sharp wit, U.G. is well-equipped to do just as he wishes when he hits the booth. Whether on his own or earning critical acclaim as one-half of the Cella Dwellas, the Brooklyn rapper has been a giant amongst the NYC rap underground since ’94. And on Portals, his long anticipated solo debut, he proves exactly why so many look his way for music that’s incredibly fresh, and completely his own. Released November 22nd 2016.

Portals is a 14-track journey into just what U.G. set out to accomplish—a movie-like atmosphere anchored by well complemented production (entirely from IDE) and extraordinary rapping. That much was evident on lead single, “The Mystic,” which is equally eccentric in its wordplay and technical displays as U.G. flows over the creeping instrumental. Elsewhere, the BK spitter taps into his cinematic vision with joints like the harrowing “Might & Magic,” and the super-grimy, “Ready for War.”

Interestingly enough, U.G. credits his movie-like approach with what makes his music so appealing to his fans. “That inner-kid comes out of them when they hear that stuff,” he says. “We (U.G. and IDE) are both visual artists as far as our approach to sound is concerned.”

Beyond the concept, the rapper and producer just love Hip-Hop culture and wanted to represent it right. They may be taking a Boom bap excursion into another dimension—and likely one in a distant galaxy—on Portals, but this is pure, raw, unadulterated Hip-Hop to the bone gristle.

Portals is set to drop Oct 21st via Creative Juices Music, and will be available on Compact Disc as well all major digital retailers and streaming platforms. Its features include Mista Sinista, DJ White Shadow, Celph Titled, Life Long, and Necro.

Breathe Easy Instrumentals


Breathe Easy Instrumentals is a collection of the mastered instrumentals produced by IDE, Lucky Loopiano, Kelly Finnigan and Warryn Syde. It features all album instrumentals expect “Blue Clouds” produced by Kelly Finnigan. Layout out design by Kenny Shumaker of Timebomb pics. Released May 20th 2016.

IDE - Breathe Easy


BREATHE EASY is the first full-length Studio Album from Brooklyn hip-hop recording artist IDE, the co-founder & CEO of Creative Juices Music. After a six year hiatus, IDE returns with producer Lucky Loopiano to deliver his most personal album to date – a ‘magnum opus’ of raw lyricism and thematic wordplay over the intoxicating soundscapes of gritty New York boom-bap production and live instrumentation.

For close to two decades, IDE has been producing music and operating an independent record label. A life-long entrepreneur of New York City Hip-Hop culture, IDE has released an extensive catalog of albums working with the best artists in the genre from Golden Era Emcees and Battle Legends, to some of the most talented and original underground hip-hop acts. BREATHE EASY marks the first project from IDE without any cameos or guest appearances. A concept album plunging into the depths of consciousness and exploring the constant struggles within an ever changing music industry, in a time where music has become repetitive and unoriginal, this is a unique and creative album – a breath of fresh air for listeners.

Lucky Loopiano and IDE joined forces to produce IDE’s first studio album working with professional engineers (Raj Makhiji of RVM Sounds) and mastering engineers (Joe Lambert). BREATHE EASY is an array of hard hitting classic New York boom-bap orchestrated by upcoming producer Lucky Loopiano, as well as IDE himself, and the multi-faceted Kelly Finnigan (Monophonics/Destruments) playing and arranging live instrumentation. IDE is back better than ever determined to put the CJM collective back on the map in 2016. Released May 20th 2016.

Passion of Jise


The Passion Of Jise is the greatest release from Brooklyn native Jise, there is no denying this fact. Born Geraldo Barreto, the NYC artist has crafted a conceptual semi-biographical album that delves into what growing up in Brooklyn was truly like.

“The best way to describe my music or poetry is to listen to it” says Jise. “It’s difficult to describe. Someone once referred to it as ‘Abstract Poetry’ and that sounds good to me.”

The Passion Of Jise comes nearly 4 years after Jise’s critically acclaimed debut solo album, Chronicles 2. During that time Jise was compiling the correct pieces and carefully building the foundation of what would become The Passion Of Jise.

“A record should have more substance, something that means more than just battle rapping,” says Jise, “I want to paint pictures with poetry and music.”

The Passion Of Jise features production from the veritable who’s who of New York City underground producers , including: Arsonists/Stillwell lead vocalist and producer Q-Unique, IDE (Creative Juices Music), Dj Insite, MOODS, Dras79, Mastamind, Nuttkase and Frank Sasoon.

“This album is a combination of old dream journals and poetry entries that date back to my early days as a teen” says Jise. “I stumbled upon my old journal entries and realized that it was an incredible foundation for an album.”

On Songs such as “Mommy’s Sunshine” and “The Best”, Jise weaves tales from various characters perspectives like Rumpelstiltskin wove straw into gold. Augmented by dark piano loops, these two tracks are as pleasing to the mind’s eye as they are to the ear canal. His lyrical tact on “Light Of Day” displays his fiery poetry without sacrificing the song’s musical prowess. Jise creates his own lane in inspiration, making music without concern for whats trendy or fashionable, rather believing that the best way is the only way; and that is through truth, love and sacrifice.

Respect Tha God - Work Ethic


Respect Tha God, original member of the legendary rap group “The Perverted Monks” founded by Jeru the Damaja and Afu-Ra, hits again with that melodious, velvety but aggressive manner we all know and love. This time he’s determined to capture not only the attention of his peers but of everyone who truly has a profound appreciation and desire for HIP-HOP. He steps to the head of the class to deliver “Work Ethic”.

After successfully releasing four albums, Afu-Ra presents: Perverted Monks, Life and Times of Russel Ballanger; Altered States; Respect 0.0, three singles, countless features, (Snowgoons, DJ Lord Jazz, White Shadow etc.) and over 100,000 mix CD’s including Street Heat Vol’s 1-6 all mixed by DJ PF Cuttin, 3rd Earth, Respect is back with “Work Ethic”! With the mantra FAMILY 1st at the helm, Respect chose carefully and added artists like Gorilla Nems, his brother D.Wayz and FABID member Mike Rone. Production followed the same formula with beats from CJM family IDE, DJ Black Panther and the Waxaholiks.

All of “Work Etic” has been mixed by DJ PF Cuttin from the original east coast hiphop group Blahzay Blahzay. Its been mastered by two time grammy winner Tom Coyne, managing partner of Sterling Sounds (known for mastering records for A Tribe Called Quest and others), and RajStar of RVM (engineered for Busta Rhymes). Production by Waxaholiks, IDE, AURC, Black Panther, Whallie (France), Layzor and JusBeats. This album is a true testament to the working class man who puts his FAMILY 1st!

DJ Connect - Well Connected


DJ Connect from the Swedish production team Elite Fleet is making international connections on his new EP. Featuring American hiphop artists and released in collaboration with Creative Juices crew based in Brooklyn, NYC. As a sampling artist DJ Connect is a serious “crate digger”, collecting vinyl records as a part of his musicality.

Making music in a culture that is under constant changing such as hiphop evocates new styles, but DJ Connect is working with traditional methods. Using Akai samplers from the 90s he is holding down tradition with a love for the “boom bap” music of the golden era. The sounds of the beats are gritty, the verses are nothing but certified and the cuts are razor sharp. Connect’s production style merges hard hitting Boom Bap drums, obscure samples with mellow Jazz licks making it all mix together seamlessly. This raw undisputed sound is now treading international borders ready to smack you in the face wherever you at. In this project Connect has been working with artists from his own vinyl collection. Flying over to New York to record with legends like Jeru The Damaja and meeting with IDE, the man behind Creative Juices music.

Other artists featured on Well Connected are J-Ro from the Alkaholiks, Planet Asia, Rasco, KNOiota, Alucard and Motion Man. Reef The Lost Cauze and Block McCloud were on tour in Europe and made a stop in the studio for a recording session. On The Jazz Joint Jeru The Damaja joins Maylay Sparks, IDE, L.I.F.E. Long and the very skilled jazz guitar player Fredrik Rixman. Creating an organic jazz hiphop track from a blend of raw rap over samples and live guitar. Making music is about having one creative force connecting with another and Dj Connect is very well connected.

Swave Sevah - Son of A One Armed Man


Son Of A One Armed Man (SOAOAM) is Harlem born emcee Swave Sevah’s debut LP on Creative Juices. Set to be released 03/03/13, SOAOAM takes listeners on a musical journey through Swave’s mind as he contemplates life, death and everything in between. The album, including the concept, lyrics, title and cover art paint a vivid picture of his lifestyle and experiences in the streets, the clubs, and the bedroom. While SOAORM boasts hard tracks and bars, the overall sound is well rounded and smooth, highlighting the positives and negatives; the triumphs and tragedies. Swave is joined by fellow emcees, Sean Price, Killer Mike, Poison Pen, marvWon, Quest and others. To support the LP, marketing efforts will be employed via the “battle rap” platform. Swave has been garnering the attention of US rap battle leagues like GrindTime and URL, as well as, international rap battle leagues KOTD (Canada), Don’t Flop (UK), and Flip Top.

Dontique - Live to Learn


The debut mixtape from Dontique “Live to learn” is a project that has been in the works since Dontique Mangual early days at Sony Music in the 90s. This project features a wide variety of production including tracks with live drums, guitar, bass etc by Mike Levey. In the process of creating this album Dontique was introduced to IDE, and joined the Creative Juices roster. With production from IDE, Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) and more, the album started to take form. “Live to Learn” is a honest take on a creative artists struggle to be heard, in the mist of enduring and persevering through lifes trials and tribulations.

IDE & Alucard - Uncovered Remains


Around the same time Alucard and IDE recorded For Fuck Sake they had another project in the works: Stonecutters – Primitive Tools. A concept album based on “Building” in both a literal and metaphorical sense. The album was titled “Primitive Tools” in reference to bringing it back to the basics of creating Hip Hop. After IDE was in the Hospital with a collapsed lung, moving, and falling out of touch with some of the producers. The project slowly fell apart. Even with over 15 songs recorded. A good portion of the tracks were mixed, however some of the songs were lost on a destroyed hard-rive. Now in 2012 after scavenging the best raw recorded mixes from the project, Creative Juices Music has decided to release this material as album project called “Uncovered Remains”. With over 15 unreleased tracks. Most never before heard. A
ll though not every track got to get the finishing touches, and final mixes. The sound of the album captivates the time it was recorded and the mind state the artist were in. We decided it was best left untempered. After mastering and touching up all the tracks as best as possible “Uncovered Remains” is ready for immediate release. This project will hit home for fans of Force Fed, Watch Them Fall, FFS and Table of Content. Hard hitting raw production by the likes of: IDE, Benzie, Junior Makhno, Al Tarba, Black Sparx, R1 and Philup Drummond. Alucard and IDE claim it is some of there most lyrical content to date and are excited to finally have this material see the light of day. Dust off your stereos in preparation for these “Uncovered Remains” sure to leave the most hardcore Hip Hop fans wondering what planet these artist came from, and how they come up with some of the content they rhyme about.

CF - The Road


CFs second release on CJM “The Road” featuring: Blacastan (of Demigodz + Army Of The Pharaohs); Casual (of Hieroglyphics); DJ Brown 13; Dontique Mangual. Producers: DJ Brown 13; DJ Static; Destruments; Frank Sasoon; Ide; Jeff for Mayor; Junior Makhno; Nemesis .

IDE - Rite Of Passage


Released October 25th 2011 “Rite of Passage” is a collection of IDEs work. Rite of Passage displays IDEs abilities behind drum machines, and mixing boards as well as on the mic. Features: Blacastan, CF, Casual (Hieroglyphics), Killah Priest (Sunz of Man), ILL Bill (Non Phixion, La Coka Nostra), U.G. (Cella Dwellas), Termanology, Solomon Child, The Arsonists, Nems, Snowgoons and many more.

Destruments - Surpassing All Others


Over a dozen talented MC’s, genre blending beats and an overall refreshing sound that will cause listeners to reminisce about the good old days and look forward to what’s next in HIP HOP. All these characteristics make up the foundation to Destruments new album “SURPASSING ALL OTHERS”

While people want to put a tag or a classification on any group or band, listeners have always had a hard time labeling Destruments because of the way they easily weave between jazz, funk, soul and HIP HOP. While past records have had extreme examples of this, “SURPASSING ALL OTHERS” is deeply rooted in HIP HOP and never strays away from the music that made Destruments fall in love with all other genres that influence their sound.

It’s hard not to feel a heavy vibration come out the speaker with constant skull snaps and a diverse line up of MC’s from coast to coast. From the East you have spitters like Killah Priest, Jise(Arsonists), Quite Nyce, Swave Sevah, IDE, Alucard, Nems, The Day Laborers, Has-Lo, CF and Respect the God. The left coast is repped by ceremonial masters like Othello, Ammbush and Tron 7 while Jermiside holds it down for the south and mid-west!

A consistent flow of energy is all around because this record has a natural balance of live instrumentation, sampling, inspired musicianship and creativity that is missing from most albums! The majority of music on “SURPASSING ALL OTHERS” is written produced and put together by Kelly Finnigan and Sean Willson but as all humble artists’ do they were quick to bring in outside help from talented people like J2, Jared Brown, ISM and the head of Creative Juices Music IDE.

Here is an album that brings Destruments back to its roots which is HIP HOP and reminds people once again why a music once considered a fad has proven time and time again to set standards and trends in music and pop culture but also that Destrtuments is as versatile as any group out today and has surpassed any and all expectations!

CF - Storm Mode


Jersey City native CF aka Constant Flow first album with Creative Juices Music. CF has gone on to tour with Immoral Technique and Rebel Armz.

Jise - Chronicles 2


The New LP from Jise coming December on C.J.M. The “Chronicles 2 Mixtape” is the ideal follow up to jise’s previous “The Lt.Worf Chronicles”…. After a grueling few months of digging for “Lost tapes”, creating new burners, chucking songs to make way for bigger bangers? We finally finished the long awaited collection of songs to follow up the first “Lt.Worf Chronicles” release. Hopefully this can hold people down until Jise can finish a few anticipated projects that will be following this 2nd and last installment of the “Chronicles” series. This release is a full album, unlike the previous which was blended together. Jise is joined by an elite group of guests such as Pacewon, Q-Unique, Arsonists, IDE, Alucard and more. Packed with a mixture of international and local producers such as Q-Unique, Dj Caique, R1, IDE and many more. Creative Juices has put together a smashing, roller-coaster of a journey. Another head banger out that is sure to please any genre of music head.

Frank Sasoon - Kung Fu Theatre


Frank Sasoon presents Kung Fu Theatre, a collection of beats reworked from the El Michels Affair album entitled Enter The 37th Chamber.

For Fuck Sake Instrumentals


Instrumentals for drinking games, bar brawls, public urination, sleeping on trains, hooligans, shenanigans, fiddilyfucking around, blind folded knife fighting, impregnating baby mommas, and piano sing alongs. Slainte!

IDE & Alucard - For Fuck Sake


Straight from the Creative Juices distillery comes a brand new cure for sobriety & all boredom. This latest release “For Fucks Sake” takes you on an inebriated adventure through the drunken minds of IDE & Alucard. Accompanied by other future AA candidates: cRITICAL, Jise, UG, Respect Tha God, Frank Sassoon & more. This audio Jameson Whiskey binge covers all levels of intoxication, dealing with situations ranging from: open bars, Irish car bombs, flexing your beer muscles & massive liver damage. Mental consumption of this album may cause symptoms such as slurred speech, euphoria, impaired balance, poor coordination, flushed face, reddened eyes, erratic behavior & just straight up not giving a fuck!”

With beats primarily from IDE, you will also find production from: DJ Caique, Destruments, Tzarizm, and EVB. This liquor induced soundtrack is guaranteed to endanger pregnant women & make breathalyzers explode!”

Medical Records Instrumentals


Critical of CriticalMadness presents “Medical Records” instrumentals. producers: DJ Connect; DJ Kryptonite; Ide; Little Vic; TEMPERMENTAL; TzarizM.

Critical - Medical Records


Criticals solo release on Creative Juices Music “Medical Records”. Cover Art by Alucard.

Junior Makhno - Reversal of Praxis


Creative Juices Music presents: Junior Makhno – Reversal Of Praxis, a compilation of collabos and unreleased material. featuring: IDE, Alucard, Chief Kamachi, CF, Vinnie Paz, Homeboy Sandman, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Spit Gemz, Jise One, Critical, Nems and many more!

I Am Many - S.I.N.


CALLING ALL S.I.N.ERS!!!!! Strength In Numbers is the movement and I Am Many is the prime minister. The Brooklyn born emcees debut LP on Creative Juices Music is set to release 03/06/12. The 12 cut album entirely produced by Logik Proof is without filler, and unlike anything currently floating around the over saturated blogosphere of post traumatic, underachieving mediocrity. SIN is one banger after another of fresh, modern, raw hip hop dense with witty, subversive subject matter and breathtaking wordplay. In a world where image trumps skills, and beats are the equivalent of a Michael Bay film, I Am Many propels into the unexplored future of what hip hop can be while still maintaining the mood, energy, and raw skill that made you love it in the first place. Hard beats from Logik Proof that slam in the trunk and compliment the elaborate, imaginative, sometimes perverted bars of a true ny emcee. With a co sign from Hot 97s Peter Rosenberg, this album has built up allot of anticipation.

Nems - Prezident's Day


Prezident’s Day……The long awaited debut album from Nems (MTV Fight Klub Champ with 25 wins and President and Founder of Fuck Your Lyfe – one of NYC’s top underground crews). Prezident’s Day was originally scheduled to to be released in Oct. 2008 on Necro’s Psycho+Logical Label , but due to situations beyond Nems’ control the album never surfaced. Now, 2 years later, after a tour and heavy promotion since ‘ 08 the album fans have been starving for is finally here! With banging production fromhip hop’s best new producers and battle-proven lyrics, Prezident’s Day is a breath of fresh air to any true hip hop fan suffocated by today’s garbage . A future hip hop classic!

Nems - Coney Soprano


A compilation of tracks from Coney Island Native Gorilla Nems “Coney Soprano”.

Nems - Filthy Fly Shit


Compilation from Nems FYL “Filthy Fly Shit”.

Ideology Instrumentals


Creative Juices front man IDE and DJ Connect, DJ/Producer from Sweden’s Elite Fleet Crew, have joined forces for the monstrous masterpiece “Ideology”. This highly anticipated album has a strong buzz in underground hip hop circles, where previous projects like IDE & DJ Connect’s “Table of Content” have gained reputation, and were devoured by fans eager for more. With nearly every track laced with dope cuts, raw Boom Bap; plus guest appearances from some of the most talented artists in the underground hip hop today. This is a concept album that brings you through the realms of a corrupted industry, a generation of thoughtless people, battling the notion that Hip Hop is still alive if you look deep into the underground.

IDE - Ideology


Creative Juices front man IDE and DJ Connect, DJ/Producer from Sweden’s Elite Fleet Crew, have joined forces for the monstrous masterpiece “Ideology”. This highly anticipated album has a strong buzz in underground hip hop circles, where previous projects like IDE & DJ Connect’s “Table of Content” have gained reputation, and were devoured by fans eager for more. With nearly every track laced with dope cuts, raw Boom Bap; plus guest appearances from some of the most talented artists in the underground hip hop today. This is a concept album that brings you through the realms of a corrupted industry, a generation of thoughtless people, battling the notion that Hip Hop is still alive if you look deep into the underground.

IDE - Table of Content


TABLE OF CONTENT is the perfect segue between IDE’s first release FORCE FED and his anticipated album IDEOLOGY. IDE of NYC’s CREATIVE JUICES MUSIC has played a role as an emcee, engneer, and producer in various albums over the last 10 years- taking all three roles in the creation of TABLE OF CONTENT. This album has a mixture of FORCE FED’s raw and gritty sound as well as IDEOLOGY’s more developed, crisp formula. IDE is joined on the mic by such heavyweights as Heaven Razah (aka Hell Razah of Sunz of Man), Reef The Lost Cauze, Planetary (of Outerspace & Army of the Pharaohs), and Jise (of Arsonists). Packed with the meticulous lyricism accompanied by the most unique producers from around the globe: White Shadow, Al Tarba, DJ Connect, 2 Hungry Bros, and IDE himself. More frustrated-raw-aggresive-fury mixed with intoxicating-dark-melodic-boom-bap from the Creative Juices Camp. This LP is sure to make fans flip, and new listeners fanatics.

Addicted To The Vision


Released February 2nd 2010. Addicted to The Vision is a compilation of two upcoming producers from opposite coasts of the US. Its a East meets west Themed album with production from IDE and Skavenger (Destruments/ Monophonics ). With features from UG, Steele, Jise, Casual,  DJ Mista Sinista, Little Vic, CriticalMadness, and many more.

IDE - Instrumentals Vol. 1


IDE has been producing for over a decade now, and has been involved in over 40 releases. He has produced for a wide range of artists from the East to West coast. He has finally decided to put together an official instrumental CD which is the first of the series. In the tradition of beat tapes, which many producers started with. The series will be in a theme of classic cassette tapes. The first installment of the series Vol. 1 includes some of IDEs most known released beats, as well as an assortment of never before heard production.

Critical - Quarantine


Creative Juices Music & Doxside Music Group present “Quarantine”, the latest project by cRITICAL one half of the inebriated rap duo Critical Madness. After the leakage of his Clinical Studies mixtape was unleashed to the masses, he took refuge underground with fellow Ozone veteran producer, Tzarizm to experiment on some new groundbreaking material. Cover art by Alucard.

Endless Varieties 2


Following up the success of Endless Varieties 1. CJM released Endless Varieties 2 together with DJ Mista Sinista in a true mixtape fashion. With some of Indi Hip Hops heavy weights including: Ill Bill, Outsidaz, Steele, Casual, U.G., Necro, Main Flow, Alucard, IDE, Critical, Swave Sevah, Iron Solomon and many more.

Alucard - Watch Them Fall


Watch Them Fall was pre-released in 2008 as a limited edition mixtape. It was accepted as a top underground indie record for the year, and was soon sold out everywhere. Rather than re-press the mixtape, Creative Juices Music decided to re-release it as an official LP. The Watch Them Fall official release has been re-mastered and includes 5 brand new tracks, with new original art created by Alucard himself. Watch Them Fall is a collection featuring some of Alucard’s best material over the last 10 years. This is a grim story of a boy who became a man, and how he learned to channel his inner demons through Hip Hop.

Alucard - Watch Them Fall [Mixtape]


A rare mixtape version of Watch Them Fall that was released before the official version. Some different tracks are included in this version.

Savage Messiah - Street Religion


Savage Messiah AKA Daddy Grace aka Inspectah Williby from Scienz of Life. His street mixtape from 2005.

IDE - Force Fed instrumentals


The the instrumental version of the Force Fed album is a stand alone piece itself.  A no-filler beat tape ahead of it’s time in today’s age of instrumental accompaniments to albums.  Still standing the test of time as a solid production sample of Creative Juices Music in 2007, while giving a glimpse of what was to come in the future.

IDE - Force Fed


First solo album from IDE, executive produced by 2 Hungry Bros. Released in 2007 in the early stages of IDE’s career. It has gained wide spread and high praise amongst underground hip hop fans. Original album artwork by Doug Hoffman. In celebration of the 10th anniversary Creative Juices will be re-releasing IDE’s “Force Fed” on vinyl Spring 2017.

IDE - Divine Kingdom


Divine Kingdom is IDEs first solo release from 2006. All original content debuting IDE as both a emcee and producer. Divine Kingdom was put out in anticipation to IDEs first release ‘Force Fed’. 22 tracks with guest appearances from: Shabaam Sahdeeq, Masai Bey, Jak Progresso, Critical Madness, Alucard, Relz, Felony, Life Long, Swave Sevah, Zesto, E- Coli, and Savage Messiah.

Endless Varieties


Endless Varieties the first compilation release from Creative Juices Music. Released in 2004.


  • 2007: IDE – Force Fed
  • 2007: Jak Progresso – Random Violence
  • 2008: cRITICAL – Medical Records
  • 2009: IDE – Table of Content
  • 2009: Alucard – Watch Them Fall
  • 2009: Jise One – Chronicles 2
  • 2010: IDE & Alucard – For Fuck Sake
  • 2010: IDE & DJ Connect – Ideology
  • 2010: IDE & Skavenger – Addicted to the Vision
  • 2010: Nems – President’s Day
  • 2010: The NCY FJS Group – How Bad It Is
  • 2011: Destruments – Surpassing All Others
  • 2011: IDE – Rite of Passage
  • 2011: Nems – Filthy Fly Shit
  • 2012: CF – The Road
  • 2012: cRITICAL & Tzarizm – Quarantine
  • 2012: I Am Many & Logik Proof – Strength In Numbers
  • 2012: IDE & Alucard – Uncovered Remains
  • 2012: Nems – Coney Soprano
  • 2013: Nems – Fuck Your Love EP
  • 2013: Swave Sevah – Son of a One Armed Man
  • 2014: DJ Connect – Well Connected
  • 2015: Jise One – The Passion of Jise
  • 2015: Respect Tha God – Work Ethic
  • 2016: IDE – Breathe Easy
  • 2016: U.G. – Portals
  • 2017: Nems – President’s Day (Collector’s Edition)
  • 2018: Defiant III – Abstract Bullets for Poetic Pistols
  • 2020: IDE & Lucky Loopiano – Breathe Easy (Unreleased)
  • 2021: Ancient Oak Demos – Ye Olde Wisdom


  • 2004: Alucard – “Vendetta” / “Poetry In Motion”
  • 2010: IDE & DJ Connect – Nation of Goons
  • 2011: cRITICAL & DJ Connect – “Surgery” (prod. by Buckwild)
  • 2015: IDE & Lucky Loopiano – “Sound The Horns”
  • 2020: Alucard – “We Can Make It Better”


  • 2003: Creative Juices Music – 2004 Works In Progress
  • 2004: Creative Juices Music – Creative Juices EP
  • 2005: Creative Juices Music – Endless Varieties Vol. 1
  • 2005: Creative Juices Music – The R. Kelly EP
  • 2005: Savage Messiah – Street Religion
  • 2006: IDE The Shandy One – Divine Kingdom
  • 2008: Jise – Lt. Worf Chronicles
  • 2008: Alucard – Watch Them Fall
  • 2008: Creative Juices Music – Endless Varieties Vol. 2
  • 2008: Creative Juices Music – Sampler
  • 2009: IDE, DJ Connect, & DJ Create – Table of Content
  • 2009: Nems – Super Marvelous
  • 2009: Skavenger & IDE – Legend of the Mask Remix Album
  • 2010: Creative Juices Music – Sampler Vol. 1
  • 2010: Frank Sassoon – Kung Fu Theatre
  • 2010: DJ Connect – Hip Hop Mixtape Vol. 1
  • 2010: DJ Connect – Hip Hop Mixtape Vol. 2
  • 2010: DJ Connect – Hip Hop Mixtape Vol. 3
  • 2011: DJ Connect – Hip Hop Mixtape Vol. 4
  • 2011: CF – Storm Mode
  • 2011: I Am Many – Born Again Sinner
  • 2012: Broke Safety – Broke Safety
  • 2012: Creative Juices Music – Sampler Vol. 2
  • 2013: Dontique – Live To Learn
  • 2016: U.G. – Portals (B-Sides & Remixes)
  • 2017: Creative Juices Music – Blender Vol. 3


  • 2007: IDE – Force Fed (Instrumentals)
  • 2008: cRITICAL – Medical Records (Instrumentals)
  • 2009: IDE – Instrumentals Vol. 1
  • 2010: IDE & Alucard – For Fuck Sake (Instrumentals)
  • 2010: IDE & DJ Connect – Ideology (Instrumentals)
  • 2016: IDE & Lucky Loopiano – Breathe Easy (Instrumentals)
  • 2016: IDE – IDE Inst
  • 2016: U.G. – Portals (Instrumentals)
  • 2018: Defiant III – Abstract Bullets (Instrumentals)
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