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Alucard – A Grey Storm Passing

Alucard‘s first single “A Grey Storm Passing” produced by CJM label mate IDE, . Get“A Grey Storm Passing”  FREE on the brand new Creative Juices Music Blender Vol. 3 compilation. This track is a preview of whats to come on Alucard’s upcoming solo album Alusion, set to release soon on Creative Juices Music. It’s been 10 years since Alucard’s last solo release, Watch Them Fall. As he’s been taking his time to perfect his sound, Alusion is set to be a timeless release from CJM. Stay tuned for new animations, and audio visuals from Alucard as well.

Alucard Creative Juices Sledge Hammer

Check The Audio:

Alucard A Grey Storm Passing (Single) | Creative Juices Music


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