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Creative Juices Music – Endless Varieties 2


In 2008 the crew was collaborating with artists all around the world and globe. They decided to follow up to their first mixtape from 2004 “Endless Varieties” with the second installment. Created in traditional mixtape fashion all songs blended together seamlessly. With combined force of DJ Mista Sinista of the legendary X-Ecutioners. Displaying classic flawless turntablizm. With remixes, scratches, beat juggling and more. This previously sold out release is now yours free.


The saga continues. After following the success of Creative Juices first mixtape “Endless varieties 1” they went on to release several projects (Ide – Force Fed, Jak Progresso – Random Violence, Ide – Divine Kingdom and many more.) They are back now with Endless Varieties part 2. This entire album is blended together dj Dj Mista Sinista. This is not your typical album, Mista Sinista makes every track transition seamlessly. This album has been selected in the Village Voice Choice section, and packed a crowd of over 500 at its release party. There is not a skip track on this album, from hip hops most legendary emcees to some of the games newest artist. You will no be disappointed with this album. Styles of all kind, emcees from all across the country. Creative Juices Endless Varieties 2… Get it while it lasts, only limited pressing.
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