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IDE & U.G. – Wordplay (Produced By IDE)

U.G. - Portals Instrumentals front cover

The Portals Open

U.G. is back again with a another headbanger, this time accompanied by the producer of Portals IDE. The two energetically trade verses, twisting words syllables and styles, over neck breaking production from IDE. This track is a bonus song off of Portals. The two decided last second to add a new song, and recorded this only days before the release. Video Coming soon!


  • 01. Intro (The Material World)
  • 02. The Mystic (feat. Mista Sinista)
  • 03. Broken Vessel (feat. DJ White Shadow)
  • 04. Super Gods (feat. DJ White Shadow)
  • 05. You Already Snow (feat. Celph Titled)
  • 06. Megatron
  • 07. Might & Magic
  • 08. Interlude
  • 09. Mind Right
  • 10. Light Years (feat. Life Long)
  • 11. Portals (feat. Mista Sinista)
  • 12. Mosh To This (feat. Necro)
  • 13. Ready For War (feat. Mista Sinista)
  • 14. The Portals Closing
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