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Phaser Heartless – Portals Remix (Contest Winner)



Portals Remix Winner

Phaser Heartless Winner of the Portals Remix Contest

After a long process of going over all entries we have come up with our 3 winners, and 4 additional Honorable mention. Congratulations to Phaser Heartless for taking first place. He submitted his entry 2 days into the contest, and it immediately set the bar hi. His production is really clean, hard hitting, with lots of layers, change ups and movement in the instrumental. The production fits the vocals, everything is on beat and the song itself has a nice overall quality to it. Phaser Heartless received the most plays on soundcloud, he promoted his track. Just over all killed it from every angle. We look forward to building with Phaser and congratulate him on a amazing remix!

We had some other very close contestants that only lost by minor technicalities. Close second was Concept @Giannis Mourtzakis . Nick Wiz and UG both selected him as first place. It was only the off beat vocals on the 3rd verse that pushed this into the 2nd place position. The mix is on point, beat is very dope, completely changes the feel of the song. Really stand out production. 3rd place goes to Buck Oner who’s beat hit hard, and just sounded like an official remix. Really dope sound, immediate attention grabber. The only reason he got 3rd and not 2nd or 1st was the quality of the mix. That ultimately lead to the 3rd place slot. But as far as the beat itself it was right there. Really impressive remixes!

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