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Creative Juices Music Radio | The Underground’s Mainstream Station

Broadcasting Boom Bap Hip-Hop 24/7 365+1. Past, Present and Future Cuts. Submissions for consideration Click Here

Mondays 5pm
No Ideas Original with DJ Enyoutee and Zagnif Nori (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Tuesdays 7pm
Guerrilla Grooves Radio with Rhinocorous Funk, DJ Fred Ones and Indiana Miggs (Bronx, NY)
Thursdays 5pm
The Rewind with DJ Safire (Boston, Ma)
Fridays 5pm
Radio Friendly with The Friendly Traveler (Starts June 5th, 2020) (Bay Area, CA)
Saturdays 10pm
Break North Radio with DJ Hullewud (Ontario, CA)

Creative Juices Music Radio

This is a playlist of all the Creative Juices Music releases played back to back. Over 700 songs, nearly 40 hours of music.

Creative Juices Music Instrumental Radio

This is a playlist of all CJMHipHop instrumental albums. Over 8 hours of beats from CJM releases.

IDE Quarantine playlist 1

This is a playlist curated by IDE. Not one track from the CJM crew. Just classics and favorites from over the decades. Over 6 hours of Hip Hop, with no skip tracks.

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