Alucard – Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn February 3, 2022 – Posted in: Alucard – Tags: ,

New story telling album from Alucard “Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn”.

“Once upon a time in Brooklyn” a new project I worked on over this summer 22 tracks and 3 bonus of straight story telling in rhyme form, so if you like heavy Brooklyn accents sharing some funny childhood stories of growing up next to the F train in the 90’s. Coming soon it’s kind of a audio book album” This is how the names “Sam” and “sorth” got on those arms displayed in my tattoo track listing- Cambodian tattoos -ONCE UPON A TIME IN BROOKLYN …this album was intended to sound phone or tape recorder style. Some mistakes stutters and pauses were left along with ignorant disrespectful Language in order to sound natural and Maintain the integrity of the era ENJOY!! Alucard


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