Defiant III “Mad World” top 10 Singles | Insomniac Magazine February 27, 2017 – Posted in: Alucard, Defiant III, IDE, Jise, New Single, Timebomb Pictures – Tags: , ,

Defiant III “Mad World” top 10 Singles | Insomniac Magazine

Insomniac Magazine top 10 Single Defiant III

Defiant III – Mad World

 Defiant 3 Mad World Cover

“10) Creative Juices Music dropped an irresistible banger in the form of IDE & Warryn Syde’s DEFIANT III cut, “Mad World.” It’s the perfect soundscape for the times we’re living in & the emcees leave a powerful stamp on the track with a savage display of venomous rhymes! Jise, Alucard, and IDE are defiant in their promise to maintain the integrity of Hip Hop. The adventure begins with this track but continues with their debut platter later in the year!”  Read More…



The new single “Mad World” from Defiant III premiered on the Creative Juices Music Blender 3. Available for FREE download
Defiant III is the new group from CJM made up of Jise, Alucard and IDE. Produced by IDE & Warryn Syde. This hard hitting gritty track is the sound track to modern times. Its a “Mad World thats word”, listen to these three emcee lyrical take on the topic. Make sure to head over to and download the blender now FREE. Stayed tuned for more music from Defiant III. There debut release will be out late 2017 on CD, and vinyl.

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