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Gorilla Nems Kicking Ebonics

Gorilla Nems Any Given Sunday


My weed smoke is my loud
If you deep you a crowd
Ima be there in a minute means a hour
Where you get your money’s the trap
You play it loud then it slaps
Everything I say in my raps is facts
A thirst trap be on instagram showing ass and titties
If you got your shit together than you litty
If you partying then you turnt up
And if you prove your haters wrong then for them it’s quiet as fuck
If you serious you deadass
Bout your chicken means you get cash
And if you rhyme like me then you spazz
A schwammy’s a gun
Laughing hard means you dead or you done
And if you grew up with them that’s your day one
If it’s good then it’s crack
If it’s crack then it’s dope
If you put those 2 together then it’s Crope
Bout that life means you ready to go
And if they coming for you that means they at your throat
You don’t give a fuck and you say how you feel
That’s no chill
If you keeping it real you been trill
A promiscuous women
Nobody wants her
Tell that bum bitch to come over here
We call em Gunthers

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