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I want my artist to get signed to Creative Juices Music!

Believe it or not this is a topic that comes up more than you may expect. In fact almost a dozen times a day. We understand in the changing music industry there are less and less outlets for independent artists. We have put a great deal of thought into this and are looking to accommodate. Thats why we started the remix contests. As of now thats the best way to introduce your self, or your artists to our label.

So whats The Big Deal? You have a label, i have a artist just put us out?

While we really wish it was that simple. Its not. What peoples perspective of a indi label is and isnt may be far from the truth. The reality is, its more work than we have time to explain. The amount of energy and promotion needed to get even the smallest exposure is very tricky. Even artists who have built up a name for them selves with years of: touring, battling, doing radio, following all the steps. Still struggle to get mass appeal and a proper push for their releases. If you haven’t developed your social sites, created a local buzz,  have a dedicated following that buys your releases & gives to your live shows. Thats where you need to start, not contacting a label. Those are not tasks a label will do for you. Everything we created was built on our efforts and initiative we took. So we can only recommend you do the same.

So what can i do?

Develop your brand, focus on perfecting your skill. The artist of 2017 is fully functional. As talent, a manager, promoter, and entrepreneur. Master your craft, make noise. Make the labels come to you, or create your own path and niche. This post is not at all to discourage. Its more insight into why we cant sign lots of new artists, as well as why we have chosen not to take demo submissions at this time. With that said we have done contests for over 10 years. Some producers that we continue to work with today, were first introduced to us by entering a remix contest. If you believe in your skill set, invest in your self and your brand. Show case what you can do in these contests, and we are bound to take notice.

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