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Gorilla Nems Back with more Bars



Gorilla Nems




Every week these freestyles get a little bigger
Talking out the side of your neck homie I’ll come and get ya
You wifed a stripper
And she made a instagram for your baby
Fuck that little nigga
They bite my shit cuz the grind inspires
Fuck the bullshit, I got no time for liars
My man just got killed in the line of fire
But you over there crying cuz Undertaker retired
C’mon duke we got no time for no kid shit
Everything is real hair (here)
I’ll leave your wig split
And your wifey know that I been lit
She sucking on my finger like I just ate a rib tip
Let the small shit slide it turns into big shit
Had to switch it up cuz some things I couldn’t live with
Used to sniff diesel
Demons I had to conquer
I ain’t wanna rob niggas
The dope made me a monster
Stopped getting high, became sharper than knifework
Figured if I could do that, this rap shit was lightwork
So let me make a couple things quite clear
Real nigga shit, not everyone could stand right here
Some of your favorite rappers got chased right here
I done caught a grey goose to the face right here
Niggas got shot, stabbed, robbed, killed right here
But we still right here, nigga

Nems FYL


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