Nems Any Given Sunday Freestyle Pt. 7 April 18, 2017 – Posted in: Nems – Tags: , , , ,

Another dope verse from Nems Freestyle series


Gorilla Nems

State of the art
Don’t play with my money, don’t play with my heart
You think that you funny, you think that you smart
I’m not a dummy, I will break you apart
And like fuck all your friends shit
I always been dolo, I don’t care about friendship
I will smack any nigga you been with
And your bum bitch homegirls could go and suck 10 dicks
Rip open your chest with my bare hands and bite out your appendix
Let’s get back to the bars though
I got the hood open like I’m parked at a car show
These the kind of bars that make a herb shake
Like Teen Wolf doing the Harlem in an earthquake
To the fake love I toast
And to your bitch ass mans that won’t even share your posts
I am the realest with quotes
Gorilla your folks
Have a shootout with the feds like the Davidian cult
And I used to pop shrooms with the cinnamon toast
Now I be barking on niggas
Sam Kinison ghost
And your opinions don’t count like 3 million votes
Swagger on a billion volts

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