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Gorilla Nems taking No Lazy Sundays

Gorilla Nems Any Given Sunday



Easter sunday with my 12 disciples
They make firearms illegal but they sell u rifles
Watch old friends turn to jealous rivals
Joke about your success but i could tell it’s spiteful
Fuck read, We roll our weed in the book of matthew, Inhale the bible
Prison bars, Im a felon’s idol
The innocence of a child deminishes by the hour
I told a 10 year kid I wanna be just like you
I say nigga and they wanna see my crucifixion
But you don’t wanna cross me like a superstition
A fool with wisdom cant tell the truth from fiction
Felons moving through the system with their true religion
Granny got a new addiction from her 2 prescriptions
Physicians turn to drug lords with every script thats written
Cross around my neck like im a super christian
I seduce the rhythm nigga what you stupid listen
Blessed be the Lyfer Gang
The lord of rap has risen

In the name of The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost, and Coney Island

Lord have mercy
Jesus Christ
He’s just nice
He just slice, like a buck 50
This industry is cunt pussy
I’m the last ill nigga alive
Fuck with me


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