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Raw Bamboo Limited Edition Backflip Magnetic Rolling Tray


Raw Magnetic Rolling Tray closed

Today we are reviewing the Raw Magnetic Rolling Tray a limited edition item from Raw rolling Paper. Its no secret the CJM crew has been leaving a trail of chronic smoke behind for years. 2019 is the future for cannabis and smokers alike. We have seen new legislation, decriminalization, and even legalization. In such times its always a pleasure when the innovate people at “Raw” come up with new tools for the trade.

I previously used a metallic raw rolling tray. Which always came in handy, but would quickly get cluttered, and covered in dust. The bamboo magnetic flip tray is just the thing. Allowing you to close for easy storage and keeping nice and clean. Its slick design is the perfect tool for rolling.

Raw Magnetic Rolling Tray




Raw Magnetic Rolling Tray

The Raw Magnetic Rolling Tray is designed with slots for grinders, rolling, breaking up flower, holding tools and much more. This purchase comes with a slick magnetic tool that can collect all loose pieces. The carved out top of the tool is great for breaking up flower. The bamboo scraping tool latches magnetically.  It also has a holder for a cone as well as a carved out area to roll. The surface is as slick as can be, leaving no piece of sacred bud behind in the rolling process. Even though the stuff grows on trees; why waste it? The best part of all is its only $26.99 on amazon (with free shipping), the cheapest i was able to find it. I grabbed one recently it was delivered a day later and i cant stopped using it. I would highly recommend this purchase for anyone who rolls frequently. Highly functional, easy to clean and a great look.


Over All Rating: 9/10

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