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Tree Of Life Pictures Presents Episode 7 Featuring Josh Menacing

Tree of Life Pictures presents Episode 7 featuring Josh Mencing. Josh is a performing musician, an aspiring audio producer/engineer, a US Air Force veteran and a family man residing in Long Island, NY.

I believe that i met Josh through a mutual friend, Durte, who’s also an incredible artist from Littlestown, PA. Funny part of this story. Josh and I met through this mutual friend, who lives about 3-4 hours away, and Josh and I are practically neighbors. lol. I live in Queens bordering Long Island and Josh lives in Long Island. I immediately felt a great energy when meeting Josh and seeing him rock with his band “Menacing” at an event out in PA. He absolutely killed it! and his passion for music was so evident and i can relate to that in so many ways. Josh is an incredible musician and has a great ear for it as well. That inspires me to be a better artist so i knew that
i wanted to document Josh sharing some of his story after meeting him. Enjoy.


Josh Menacing

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