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Tree Of Life – Hands Up Don’t Shoot [Print]

Tree of Life | Hands Up Don’t Shoot [Print] (Coming Soon)

Greetings, I’m Geraldo “Jise” Barreto, i was born on earth and grew up here (Brooklyn, NYC). Along the way, I’ve traveled to many different places in the world as an MC/rapper/poet. Played with some well known hip hop groups/bands at some great venues. Sold a bunch of my music as well. Now I’m here, based in NYC, a photographer/videographer and I hope to continue doing what I do, which is, sharing a glimpse of the world through my eyes with you.

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The Tree of Life Photography

The Tree of Life presents a series of prints. A glimpse into the daily struggles of living in the city. Hip Hop Photography, life documentation, and captivating imagery. The Tree of Life aka Jise brings a new creative twist to photography. Heres your chance to own a exclusive print.


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