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Defiant III T Shirt Bundle





Defiant III T shirt Bundle Includes

  • T shirt
  • CD
  • Poster
  • Digital Album
  • Digital Instrumental Album

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Defiant III T shirt Bundle


Over the last decade Alucard Jise and IDE have been in the studio working on their own music as well as collaborating together. It was only a matter of time that features spawned into the idea to do a group project. Having worked on a track for Jises “Chronicles 2” titled Defiant III, the trio decided to run with the name. Around 2015 the recording of Abstract Bullets For Poetic Pistols began. Meeting up every Friday to work on the album, the track listing developed quickly. After releasing their first single “Crossfire“, they decided they were unhappy with the engineer. The new plan was to have the album worked on entirely in house; from recording, to mixing, mastering and artwork. Tracks were not sent over email. This is a album that all members were in the studio together feeding off each others energy.



01. Intro
02. Tab Or Two
03. Its About To Go Down
04. Third Cavalry
05. Back Up In This
06. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
07. Mad World
08. BK Confidential
09. Crossfire
10. The Legend of the Three Eyed Monk
11. Beautiful
12. Prison Planet Interlude
13. Broken Avenues
14. Underdogs
15. Ego Death
16. The Last Barfighter
17. Purge Season
18. Tripolar
19. Defiant Outro ft. Kelly Finnigan

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