Alucard – Alusions

Bundle Includes:

  • Alusions CD
  • Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn CD
  • Subway Card with Original Art
  • Stickers


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Alucard has been dwelling within in the NYC underground since the early 2000s. Having released only one solo album, dozens of features, and multiple group projects this follow up LP “Alusions” is highly anticipated by fans. Alucard is back with a more refined sound, witty lyrics intertwined over Shanty Gallos aka IDEs hypnotic beats.  The two combined have been releasing music for 2 decades, this album showcases the evolution of their work in the best ways to date. Alucard Is known for detailed mind-blowing illustrations. Alusions shows this ability is not distinct to only drawing, this specific style also translates in rhyme form.


01. Alusions

02. Avante Garde

03. That Alucard Shit

04. Gray Strom Passing

05. Thinning Of The Herd

06. Alulude

07. Angelic

08. We Can Make It Better

09. Rivers Keeper

10. With Out A Penny Ft. Jise & IDE

11. Smoke In Mirrors

12. Intralude

13. Long Awaited

14. Check Mate

15. Same ole

16. The Beginning



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