Alucard – Watch Them Fall


  1.  Intro ft. DJ Jedi
  2.  Stealth Bomber ft. DJ Jedi
  3.  We The Ones ft. IDE
  4.  Rainy Soul
  5.  Poison Tester
  6.  Utopias
  7.  Oh No
  8.  Walk In The Park ft. IDE, Midaz
  9.  Life Threatening Interlude ft. DJ Jedi
  10.  Vendetta
  11.  What They Gone Say ft. L.I.F.E. Long
  12.  Poetry In Motion
  13.  Clear Face Mask ft. IDE, Critical
  14.  Full Of Hate
  15.  Octane ft. Sav Killz, L.I.F.E. Long, IDE
  16.  Dream Of Life ft. Savage Messiah, L.I.F.E. Long
  17.  Don’t Get ft. IDE
  18.  Best Of Short Cuts 1-3
  19.  Altitude ft. Savage Messiah
  20. Order Of The Dragon ft. Deep, L.I.F.E. Long, Relz, IDE
  21. Ditmas ft. IDE
  22. Daisy Cutters
  23. Smiley Face Killers ft. Jise


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Alucard – Watch Them Fall

Alucard Watch Them Fall was pre-released in 2008 as a limited edition mixtape. The Mixtape accepted as a top underground indi record for the year, and was soon sold out everywhere. As opposed to re-press the mixtape, Creative Juices Music decided to re-release the project it as an official LP. The Watch Them Fall re-press has been re-mastered and includes 5 brand new tracks; With new original art done by Alucard himself. Watch Them Fall is a collection of some of Alucards best material over the last 10 years. This is a grim story of a child who became a man, and how he learned to channel his inner demons through hip hop. After having been sold out and out of stock for years. We have repressed the album to make it available again. Stay posted for news of a 10th anniversary repress for 2018.

  •  Critical (of Critical Madness); DJ Jedi; Destruments; IDE; Jise (of Arsonists); L.I.F.E. Long; Midaz; Savage Messiah; U.G. (of Cella Dwellas)
  •  2 Hungry Bros (of Deep + Ben Boogz); Alucard; DJ Caique; DJ Connect; Destruments; Evil B; Hitfarmers; Ide; Kryptonite; Real 6; The White Shadow Of Norway; Tzar; Whitey McCracker


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