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Ancient Oak – Ye Olde Wisdom

01. Intro (prod. by IDE)

02. Hellbent (prod. by Jakprogresso & IDE)

03. Amphibious Sky Vehicle (prod. by Kryptonite)

04. Rabbit Hole (prod. by Kryptonite)

05. Dead Heir (prod. by IDE)

06. Bloody Oak (prod. by Kryptonite)

07. Circle Breathing (prod. by IDE)

08. Outkast (prod. by IDE)

09. Mountain Kings (prod. by IDE)

10. Mushroom Freestyle (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros)

11. Black Cloaks (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros)

12. Christian Rap (prod. by Kryptonite)

13. Magic Man (prod. by Jakprogresso & IDE)

14. For The Lambs (prod. by IDE)

15. Hate Me (prod. by Kryptonite)

16. Walk Alone (prod. by Kryptonite)

17. Frowns Up (prod. by Kryptonite)

18. Dark Cloud Interlude (prod. by IDE)

19. Wretch (prod. by Jakprogresso & IDE)

20. Snatch And Grab (prod. by IDE)

21. Superior Knowledge feat. Savage Messiah (prod. by IDE)

22. Scattered (prod. by Jakprogresso & IDE)

23. Ancient Scriptures feat. L.I.F.E. Long (prod. by IDE)

24. Swamp Vapors (prod. by Kryptonite)

25. Burnt Drawbridge (prod. by Kryptonite)

26. Ravenous (prod. by IDE)

27. Mineshaft Outro (prod. by IDE)

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 Ancient Oak Tracklisting

A project of underground folklore finally after many years surfaces. This is a collection of remastered tracks recorded 2005-2008 or so…. from Jakprogresso, IDE, and Alucard. The album features Savage Messiah (RIP), and Life Long. Production by Kryptonite, IDE, Jak Progresso, and 2 Hungry Brothers. All tracks recorded by IDE at the Racoon Lodge Brooklyn. Cover Illustration by Alucard aka Carlos De Leon. The cd format goes up to track 20. But all purchases come with a digital download including all bonus content.


released December 16, 2020

Recorded and arranged by IDE
Tracks Produced By IDE: 1,5,7,8,9,14,18,20,21,23,26,27
Tracks Produced by kryptonite: 3,4,6,12,15,16,17,24
tracks produced by jak & IDE: 2,13,19,22
tracks produced by 2hungry bros: 10,11
Cover Illustration by Alucard


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