DJ Connect Well Connected


01. Well Connected Intro
02. Up in Sweden Ft. Block McCloud & Reef the Lost Cauze
03. The Jazz Joint Ft. Maylay Sparks, Jeru the Damaja, IDE, L.I.F.E. Long 
04. Claim the Best Ft. Motion Man
05. The War of the Currents Feat. IDE & Alucard
06. Came In a Dream Ft. J-Ro
07. Christiania Agents Ft. Planet Asia, KNOiota & Rasco
08. The Jazz Joint Devastate (Remix) Ft. Maylay Sparks, Jeru the Damaja, IDE, L.I.F.E. Long & Segerfalk
09. Up in Sweden (Instrumental)
10. The Jazz Joint (Instrumental)
11. Claim the Best (Instrumental)
12. The War of the Currents (Instrumental)
13. Came In a Dream (Instrumental)
14. Christiania Agents (Instrumental)

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<H2> DJ Connect – Well Connected <H2>

Creative Juices Music presents: DJ Connect – Well Connected. DJ Connect from the Swedish production team Elite Fleet is making international connections on his new EP. Featuring American hiphop artists and released in collaboration with Creative Juices crew based in Brooklyn, NYC. As a sampling artist DJ Connect is a serious “crate digger”, collecting vinyl records as a part of his musicality.

Making music in a culture that is under constant changing such as hiphop evocates new styles, but DJ Connect is working with traditional methods. Using Akai samplers from the 90s he is holding down tradition with a love for the “boom bap” music of the golden era. The sounds of the beats are gritty, the verses are nothing but certified and the cuts are razor sharp. Connect’s production style merges hard hitting Boom Bap drums, obscure samples with mellow Jazz licks making it all mix together seamlessly. This raw undisputed sound is now treading international borders ready to smack you in the face wherever you at. In this project Connect has been working with artists from his own vinyl collection. Flying over to New York to record with legends like Jeru The Damaja and meeting with IDE, the man behind Creative Juices music.

Other artists featured on Well Connected are J-Ro from the Alkaholiks, Planet Asia, Rasco, KNOiota, Alucard and Motion Man. Reef The Lost Cauze and Block McCloud were on tour in Europe and made a stop in the studio for a recording session. On The Jazz Joint Jeru The Damaja joins Maylay Sparks, IDE, L.I.F.E. Long and the very skilled jazz guitar player Fredrik Rixman. Creating an organic jazz hiphop track from a blend of raw rap over samples and live guitar. Making music is about having one creative force connecting with another and Dj Connect is very well connected.


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