Helixx C. Armageddon – House of Helixx

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Dripping with pensive emotion and sincerity, House of Helixx – Book 1is a heady, cinematic conceptual album that is both a memoir and lucid dream, written and performed by New York City native, raconteur and long established lyricist Helixx C. Armageddon.

Grounded in muddy, swampy, meditative soundscapes by producer /engineer Shanty Gallos, in-tandem with brooding, otherworldly hand-drawn illustrations and creative direction by multidisciplinary artist Ian “Bub” Davis, House of Helixx is a journey unlike any other.

Featuring noteworthy guest appearances from the Anomolies gender justice collective and underground hip-hop mainstay Jise, this 13 track art project is a communal experience. House of Helixx was conceived in music therapy, while Helixx was recovering from a near death experience. The album is all about mental health and talks through topics we are all dealing with today. Although she’s been featured on many music releases since the 1990’s this is her first album. House of Helixx: Book 2 is already in production.


released October 31, 2022

Lyrics written and performed by: Helixx C. Armageddon
Music produced, mixed and mastered by: Shanty Gallos
Vocals recorded by Shanty Gallos at CJM Studios and Ear Candy Studios
Live instrumentation on “Circus Puppets and Parables” by: Kelly Finnigan
Creative Direction & Artwork by: Ian “Bub” Davis
Lyrics for Jise’s verse on “Akashic Records//Blood Memories” by: Jise
Lyrics on “Hold the Line” by the Anomolies (Invincible, Big Tara, Pri the Honeydark, DJ Kuttin Kandi)
Scratches on “Hold The Line” by: DJ Kuttin Kandi
DJ Kuttin Kandi vocals recorded by: Josef “Joe_V” Villarama at Villavibes Studios

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