IDE & Alucard – For Fuck Sake


  1. Open Bar
  2. Mix Signals
  3. For Fuck Sake Ft. Critical & U.G.
  4. Slurred Speech
  5. Drunken Masters
  6. Tequila Shots Ft. I Am Many 
  7. Beer Muscles
  8. Porcelain Gods Ft. Respect Tha God
  9. Triple Distilled Ft. Jise
  10. Dirty Ol Town
  11. Drink by Myself
  12. Irish Car Bombs
  13. Home
  14. Puerto Rican Rum Ft. U.G.
  15. Last Round
  16. I Got to Go Ft. Frank Sassoon


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IDE & Alucard – For Fuck Sake

Straight from the Creative Juices distillery comes a brand new cure for sobriety & all boredom.  “For Fucks Sake” takes you on an inebriated adventure through the drunken minds of IDE & Alucard. Accompanied by other future AA candidates: cRITICAL, Jise, UG, Respect Tha God, Frank Sassoon & more. This audio Jameson Whiskey binge covers all levels of intoxication, dealing with situations ranging from: open bars, Irish car bombs, flexing your beer muscles & massive liver damage. Mental consumption of this album may cause symptoms such as slurred speech, euphoria, impaired balance, poor coordination, flushed face, reddened eyes, erratic behavior & just straight up not giving a fuck!”

With beats primarily from IDE, as well as production from: DJ Caique, Destruments, Tzarizm, and EVB. This liquor induced soundtrack is guaranteed to endanger pregnant women & make breathalyzers explode!”

Weight .1875 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .0833 in


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