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DJ Connect Bio

DJ Connect Digging In The Crates

Music Producer / DJ / Record Collector / Studio Owner

DJ Connect started his hiphop career in the second half of the 90´s, taking the train to Copenhagen, Denmark, to buy the latest vinyl singles from New York. That era of boom bap is what inspired him, and lead to shape his sound and style both as a DJ and producer. Heavy beats, funky drums and raw rhymes have always been the focus. Combined with a strong passion to be part of and active in the creative culture known as Hip Hop. A movement that stretched out from New York across the globe, all the way to the Southern Parts of  Helsingborg  summoning DJ Connect.

DJ Connect is a dedicated “cratedigger”, spending countless hours searching for sampled to feed his Akai drum machines. A combination of the classic art of sampling, chopping and looping, combined with live instrumentation. Getting the best of both worlds.

DJ Connect has been involved with Creative Juices Music since its inception in the early 2000s. He has provided stand out production, scratches and mixing for the CJM squad. In 2010 he released a album “Ideology” that he produced for IDE. More recently he has released his compilation album “Well Connected” available worldwide. Nows your chance to work with one of Swedens finest beat craftsmen. 

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DJ Connect Discography

  • DJ Connect - Well Connected CoverDJ Connect – Well Connected (album) – – Creative Juices Music
  • DJ Connect – Skåne Style (album) – Basementality / Elite Fleet Music
  • Critical & DJ Connect - Surgery CD SingleCritical & DJ Connect – Surgery (single) – Creative Juices Music
  • DJ Connect – Hiphop Mixtape vol. 1 – 5 – Creative Juices Music / Elite Fleet Music
  • IDE & DJ Connect - Nation Of Goons CD Single IDE & DJ Connect – Nation Of Goons (single) – Creative Juices Music
  • IDE & DJ Connect – Re-Arrange The State (single) – Creative Juices Music
  • IDE & DJ Connect - IdeologyIDE & DJ Connect – Ideology (album)Creative Juices Music
  • IDE & DJ Connect - Table of Content CDIDE & DJ Connect – Table Of Content (album)Creative Juices Music
  • big ape dj connect explosive exclusivesBig Ape & DJ Connect – Explosive Exclusives (album) – Platform Music
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